Audition Prep Class

Last Sunday we held our first ever Audition Prep class! It was a huge success and the students got a lot out of it. Katie Sina Kindig is an amazing performer and educator who came to share her knowledge with young performers age 9 – 17 who are interested in auditioning for local and regional theaters.

The students are dynamic, interested, talented, and very hard working. I think that was the main takeaway from this class. We learned that the more preparation we put into nurturing our talents and “building our books”, the more prepared we are when we walk into an audition room.

We learned what to expect when we enter the room and what kinds of requests we may get from the director during the audition that we might not expect. Maybe they want us to sing the whole song, not just 16 bars. Maybe they want us to learn a short dance routine. Maybe they want us to deliver a scene with another auditionee and we can only read the scene once before we deliver it! We also learned what materials we need to build our audition books and we did some scene work.

Thanks to Katie Sina Kindig for being an amazing arts educator and to Creative Pursuits for the lovely class space. Check out our pictures below! And if you want to sign up for one of our future classes, find out here: Spring 2017 Classes


Go see Katie in Alice and Wonderland at the Fulton Theater, opening February 4th!