Lessons and Classes

FREE Family Series:

Parents and students are invited to come to these information sessions for free to gain a deeper understanding of the instrument of study.

Guitar Maintenance 101: Learn to select and change your strings, use a guitar humidifier, and polish the wood.

Vocal Health 101: Discover how the anatomy of the voice works and how it reacts to the environment. Learn how to handle vocal emergencies like sore throats, head colds, nodules, and laryngitis.

CReATE Ensemble: April 2018

Young Musicians: 10:00a – 11:30p
Teen Musicians: 12:00p – 2:00p

This year the CReATE Contemporary Music Ensemble will not only prepare duet and group performances, they will also have a say in the production of the Young Musician’s Showcase by becoming sound engineers, flyer designers, MC’s, and party planners. We meet for four weeks, two hours at a time and by the time the showcase comes around we will have taken it to a new level! All group performances and duets at the showcase will come from this group of young and teen musicians.

Private Mentoring Sessions: ongoing

Music mentoring is available for everyone of all ages and abilities. Fall and Spring semesters are 14-weeks long and summer lessons are 10 weeks long. Focused is on guitar, voice, beginning piano, music technology, or any combination of these instruments! Studio is wheelchair accessible. Find out more about private mentoring and teaching philosophy here.

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