Private Mentoring Sessions

Singer-Songwriter Sessions:

Madison @ Room5

Julia can help you find inspiration, piece together an original song, fine tune the arrangements, and create a professional recording. For those who have already made headway on that, you can go a step further. Let’s get you out to play at coffee shops, record your music in a professional studio, hire and record with a band, and learn how to market yourself as an independent artist. Register here.

Vocal Coaching: Joel and Jules on stage 

 Register here.Through vocal coaching sessions Julia will encourage you to connect to your voice, body, breath, and heart in order to more fully trust your voice and develop a deeper sense of self-confidence. Vocalists of all levels will work on breath control, loosening your vocal chords, expanding vocal range and developing your own singing styles, all while learning to sing the songs you’ve been wanting to share. Register here.

Rhythm Guitar: IMG_9409

The absolute beginner just learning to get comfortable with your instrument, Julia will guide you through tuning and basic instrument care, power chords, open chords and scales to practice for ear and fine motor skill training, then begin applying them to songs you know and love, even your originals. The intermediate player will explore bar chords, ‘color’ chords, the fundamental strumming patterns found in many ‘popular’ songs and your own invented rhythmic styles. Register here